Why We Travel

“Are y’all going to Disney AGAIN?”

“A cruise?”

“Must be nice.”

So many times we have heard these phrases. But there is something we’ve learned over the past few years. Those trips make memories that are irreplaceable.

When I got ready to start holiday shopping this past Christmas, I asked my husband what we got the kids the year before. He didn’t know. They didn’t know. I didn’t know. That’s when I realized we’ve been doing it all wrong. Because if you ask them about that one time we were at Disney and dad got picked to go onstage at the Hoop Dee Doo Music Revue, they remember every detail.

Hear me out. We don’t skip out on gifts altogether. But the majority of what we spend goes to whatever our next adventure may be. It doesn’t have to be thousands on a Disney vacation. Maybe it’s a camping trip to the beach. This Christmas it’s a cruise. I’d much rather sacrifice all year to be able to give them real life experiences instead of the latest game console. My only regret is not realizing this when our older kids were still at home. They don’t stay kids forever, y’all. Soon enough, we’ll be a travel party of two. That, my friends, is WHY we travel.


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